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Please fill out the questionnaire below to the best of your ability, and one of our wealth advisors will contact you as soon as possible. We appreciate your time.

Some things you may want to see...

We take our responsibility as fiduciaries very seriously. Everything about who we are and why we’re in business revolves around honesty, integrity, and transparency. Therefore, before you schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, you may want to take a look at the resources below.

*Note: as you view the following material, remember that our initial, exploratory conversation with you is complimentary. We won’t charge you anything until we provide you with a document detailing the services we’ll provide and the rate you’ll pay.  

Our Pricing

Detailed Financial Plan

Pay a one-time fee for a detailed financial plan.

  • Planning fee based on complexity of plan and services provided - we'll provide the total amount in advance
  • Usually involves two to three meetings with your planner
  • After the plan meetings are complete, additional services would be billed hourly - unless you choose to continue our relationship with ongoing investment management

Investment Management

Pay a management fee for ongoing services and investment management.

A set % of assets / year, starting at 0.85% on the first $2 Million
  • Management fee - our fee begins at 0.85% on the first $2 Million, declining with larger balances
  • Professional Investment Management - risk assessment, investment selection, portfolio rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and much more
  • Regular meetings with your advisor - we'll serve you as an investment manager and help you manage your overall financial picture
  • Contribution and withdrawal guidance - we'll provide advice on retirement saving during your accumulation years and tax efficient withdrawal strategies in retirement.

Most Popular

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Pay a one-time fee for a detailed financial plan, then continue our relationship with ongoing financial planning and investment management.

A one-time, up-front planning fee, and a set% of assets / year
  • Everything included in a Detailed Financial Plan - the initial plan writing process typically takes place during the first year of our relationship so that we can better manage your investments to accomplish your goals
  • Everything included in Investment Management - once your plan is in place, we'll establish a fiduciary relationship with you on whatever assets you decide to entrust us with
  • Ongoing financial planning - As life happens, there is no additional fee to update your financial plan and recommendations (just the management fee)
  • Long-term relationship - you'll have access to your planner at any time with no hourly charge
  • Annual Tax Return Review - identify opportunities for potential tax savings