What We Offer

At EFP, we offer our clients a range of services focused on comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, and preparation for and guidance throughout retirement. We serve a diverse group of clients from all walks of life. Following are some of the services we provide.

What is comprehensive wealth management?

Comprehensive wealth management offers our clients a full service experience, including all of the services we offer. In fact, all of the remaining services detailed on this page are pieces of the financial puzzle that comprehensive management unites together.

What are some things that comprehensive wealth management includes?
  • Everything included in a detailed financial plan – click here to learn more
  • Everything included in investment management – click here to learn more
  • Ongoing financial planning – As life happens, there is no additional fee to update your financial plan and recommendations (just the management fee)
  • Long-term relationship – you’ll have access to your planner at any time with no hourly charges
  • Annual tax return review – identify opportunities for potential tax savings
What is detailed financial planning?

Detailed financial planning means that we look at all areas of your financial situation when preparing your financial plan. Our #1 priority is to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your financial picture and confident that you are actively pursuing financial success.

By taking the time needed to truly understand who you are — your goals, dreams, worries, plans — we can formulate a plan specific to your individual needs and goals. 

What does detailed financial planning provide?
  • Evaluating savings in relationship to retirement goals and determining appropriate vehicles for savings
  • Illustrating multiple retirement scenarios showing projected longevity of savings
  • Balancing tax-efficient investing for retirement with other goals, such as saving for education
  • Reviewing employee benefits and making recommendations based on personal goals
  • Providing detailed guidance through divorce, death, or other major life events
  • Providing risk and insurance analysis
  • All of these services, and additional aspects tailored to your finances, are included in our planning process.
A Glimpse of Investment Management at EFP

Elser Financial Planning is strictly a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. Based on your risk tolerance, we develop a clear and thorough plan for diversified asset allocation. We then actively rebalance your portfolio with market fluctuations to maintain your target allocation.

As fiduciaries, we serve our clients’ best interests through our advice, planning, and investment management.

As your investment manager, we provide:
  • An investment selection process built on academic research
  • Low cost, global diversification
  • Tax-efficient, institutional grade funds based on economic research 
  • Disciplined portfolio re-balancing during market fluctuations
  • Strategic tax-loss harvesting
  • Regular portfolio reviews and communication

    EFP assists with a variety of estate planning goals, from the most straightforward to the most complex forms of estate preparation. Even the simplest forms of estate planning, however, require astute care and attention to detail. Our goal is to ease your worries about the future and give you confidence in YOUR plan.

    We collaborate with you and your attorney to:
    • Review beneficiary designations, wills, trusts and incapacity documents in relation to current objectives
    • Advise on establishing irrevocable trusts to take advantage of current high estate tax exemptions
    • Assist with preparation and delivery of Crummey Notices to trust beneficiaries
    • Advise on setting up Dynasty Trusts for generational planning and estate tax savings

      Are you charitably inclined? Is your desire to leave a legacy of generosity and kindness? Our job is to take your philanthropic aspirations and turn them into practical plans for giving. 

      Tax-favored gifting strategies can help you maximize your charitable dollars, allowing you even more opportunities to gift to your philanthropic interests.

      We work with you and your advisory team to determine which charitable giving vehicle(s) may be the most effective for your goals:
      • Donor Advised Funds
      • Gifts of highly appreciated securities
      • Charitable Remainder/Lead Trusts
      • Charitable Gift Annuities
      • IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)
      • Private Foundations

          Within the realm of detailed financial planning, EFP feels a responsibility to our clients to propose tax smart savings and investing plans. We prioritize tax-advantaged investment growth and tax-efficient withdrawal strategies for our clients.

          As your planner, here are some of the tax strategies that we may consider for you:
          • Pre-tax vs. Roth funding
          • Roth IRA conversion analysis
          • Health Savings Account funding
          • Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
          • Stock option planning

          We are always happy to coordinate with your accountant to explore potential tax savings.

            Also within the realm of financial planning, we assist our clients when needed in the following areas concerning insurance coverage and risk analysis:

            • Review current policies and annuity contracts in relation to need and provide options for policies that you may decide to surrender.
            • Discuss appropriate types of insurance, such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance
            • Provide options for where to find economical coverage

            Our recommendations are based solely on your needs, and we do not receive commissions or sell any products.

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