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Warren Buffet issued good reminders to investors during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting – don’t let fear control your investment decisions and don’t invest in stocks for short-term goals.  Similarly, Elser Financial Planning

“Now that the money’s gone, investors and regulators say there were red flags flying all around Bernard Madoff’s enterprise. Here’s how you can avoid potential scams. Imagine trusting your hard-earned money — such

“In a time of market turbulence, with stocks losing altitude, it’s only natural to feel compelled to buy and sell according to your own forecasts of whether a stock — or the market

“One of the biggest mistakes long-term investors make is getting out of the stock market at the wrong time. We’ve all heard the saying “buy low, sell high,” but mom-and-pop investors have a

“My husband spends a fortune on cars,” she says. “My wife never stops shopping. Look at these credit card bills,” he laments. Financial advisers often hear these complaints. What happens in many homes is two otherwise responsible adults who are both making good salaries have finances that are a wreck. They realize that, after years of marriage, they have little net worth and lots of debt.

“After age 45, many folks get serious about saving and investing as big-ticket items, such as retirement and tuition, loom ahead. But, as we live our busy lives, it can be tough to

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