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“These truths for financial life planners form the foundation of their integrity. As financial life planners, we hold these truths to be the basis for everything we do: • All advice and recommendations

(MONEY Magazine) — “What’s the most I can pull from savings each year without running short of money later in life?” It’s the single most frequent question I get from retirees and near

“Choosing a financial professional-whether a stockbroker, a financial planner, or an investment adviser-is an important decision. Consider the tips below as you make your choice. Also the third page of this document has

“The number of second marriages in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the last three decades to 42 million adults, according to Pew Research Center. Marriage do-overs often stir estate planning challenges for

"When crafting their estate plans, some people neglect to pay much attention to how best handle their retirement accounts. And that lack of attention to detail can create potential problems–such as higher estate and income taxes–for their heirs. Many people often assume an estate plan is as simple as naming a beneficiary. In fact, it can include a trust to protect spendthrift kids or a spouse. Or a well-developed plan may have provisions to get a tax advantage by giving an account to charity.

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